"Look at this. Who can say it isn't beautiful? Sky, bricks. Who do you think lives there? Four-car garage. Hope, fear, excitement, satisfaction."

Dedicated to the eerie magic of suburbia.
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Distant Light by dustinyungtaDistant Light is a vivid portrait of an Asian-Amercan family in Silicon Valley. I intentionally used no figures to represent the isolation and rootlessness which characterizes the contemporary Asian-American experience. The window lights depicts the generational disconnect between the father and the son, and the different longings to the outside world. I did the illustration for the poster and also designed the postcard and DVD packaging. 海報設計主要是希望能夠呈現本片所構造出的父子兩代差異,以及美國亞裔家庭世界所經歷的孤立與失根的社會錯位感。

Erik Buck Rosewood Dining Chairs Model 49 and Model 50 by O.D. Mobler for Domus Danica (Denmark, 1960s)

A bus on Hoddle Street Collingwood 1976. by David Wadelton

Sparton 3-way “Imperial” television

5965 Chelton Dr Oakland, CA


circa 1965

Midcentury Modern Long Surfboard Coffee Table (U.S.A., 1964)



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2hrsnorth is a collaboration making limited edition photobooks for all the suburbs of Newcastle. More here. Facebook here

Design Your Own Fantasy Bus System for Real-World Cities

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- Radio Stilte